How do you start a co-operative?

How do we get enough money to start a co-operative?

What legal organisation type should we choose?

How do we prove the need for a co-operative?

These are some of the questions people ask a lot.

At South West Co-operative Development, we can provide support, advice and guidance to entrepreneurs and groups who are navigating the start-up process for their social or community enterprise, all the way through to established organisations looking to grow, change their model or respond to external disruptions.

Our team has a range of specialist knowledge to help at every stage, including legal models, feasibility studies, market research, capacity building, detailed analysis and financial modelling and measuring social impact.

The team has many years of experience in social enterprise and SFEDI accredited small business advice.

We have advised enterprises from a range of sectors including, energy, transport, housing, farming and leisure.

How we work with you

Each client is unique, and each proposal is bespoke to the client’s needs. After an initial meeting to explore and understand the position you are in, we will then provide you with our recommended next steps. We can work with you informally in exploratory discussions, or through a structured training or facilitated session.

We will be truthful and direct about what action is needed for success, but to allow the client to define how success itself is measured.

We can help you with:

Start Up
Community Engagement
Business Planning
Social Impact

South West Co-operative Development Limited
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Office phone: 0300 456 2265