Co-op Angels

The Power of Social investment

Use your money to do good. Social investment enables societies and social enterprises to kick-start positive projects. Social investment is repayable finance provided for charities and social enterprises. That means that it is not a grant but is money that the investor:

1. Expects to get it back (often with interest and after a certain timeframe)

2. Expects to help create a positive social impact


What’s great about being a social investor?

  • Knowing your money will do good. We vet every share offer that is sent out to the Co-op Angels list. We ensure that the co-operative principles are at the heart of the society.
  • Without your help, the social economy would not grow. Every investment helps to change the world we live in.
  • Support businesses you believe in. What you invest in is what the money will be spent on.

Since 2007, we’ve maintained a database of social investors (known as the Co-op Angels) willing to be approached by democratic social enterprises seeking investment. Co-op Angels have invested over three quarters of a million pounds to date, supporting co-operatives including GO-OP, Somerset Cooperative Community Land Trust, Community Power Cornwall, Lightweight Community Transport and The Energy Saving Co-operative.

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If you are a co-operative seeking investment

Please see our ‘Raising Finance’ page for further details on how to access the Co-op angels list.

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